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Mirka Royston as Legal Advisor on TMZ's Celebrity Justice:

In the News:

ABC News:  Hopper Divorce Pits Older Kids Against 7-year-old Daughter

John's Rate-a-Lawyer: Mirka Royston

"Mirka Royston with a name like that she was destined to be a lawyer! Mirka is one of those lawyers who can survive on her own if she chose to. However, she is at the present time one of the associates at one of the most prestigious firms in Southern California, Trope and Trope — enough said. Her credentials are flawless, and her ability is like having a well-honed sword on your side…she is smart and very capable. She gives of her time to young teens and is very community-oriented.

She is strong and pushy, just what you will need in the trenches of “family law,” aka DIVORCE!

When and if you retain the offices of Trope and Trope, remember Mirka Royston — her lawyering will be like a port in a storm!"


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